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A list of my books and how to buy them.

Originally posted on Satya Sarada:

These are the books I have published so far.  You can click on the book name for details. There is a buy now button on each page that will help you buy the book. Pothi.com accepts payments using cheque, demand draft, money order, NET banking, NEFT, credit cards and debit cards.Please follow this link: http://pothi.com/pothi/faq10

I accept payments via paypal/NEFT/Money Order for pdfs. Please leave a comment if you are interested.

A. Print Books Available from Pothi.Com. Click on the Links

  1. The Bhagavad Gita (Complete)
  2. Is’A vAsya upaniSad (Isa Upanishad)
  3. Tat Tvam Asi – Vakya Vrtti
  4. Notes and Insights on Hindu Predictive Astrology
  5. Karna – The Son of Surya, The Son of Radha
  6. Kaikeyi’s Remorse
  7. Kaikeyi’s Remorse (Illustrated)
  8. Un-Cluttering My Life
  9. Soliloquies - Of a Reluctant House-Holder

B. ebooks Available from Pothi.Com. Click on the Links.

  1. The Bhagavad Gita (Complete)
  2. Is’A vAsya upaniSad (Isa Upanishad)
  3. Tat Tvam Asi – Vakya Vrtti
  4. Notes…

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When women with jobs and husbands complain. . .


I’ve always wondered why people with jobs and husbands complain to me.

This slide helped me understand.

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Reject what’s not good: asatO mA


asatO mA sad-gamaya
tamasO mA jyOtir-gamaya
mRtyOr-mA amRtam gamaya

It is so very important to reject what is bad in addition to going towards what is good.

That’s why we have to say no to the unreal, no to darkness and no to death. And go towards the real, illumination and immortality.

We have been taught tolerance to the bad. Adjust mADi. We tolerate pain, insult, injury, ill-health, injustice, domination. . .

We dabble in darkness and imagine that illumination will walk in.

And of course live as if we are dead.

People hang on to the bad, because
· Some are making sure what good is.
· Some think they have no choice. They fear poverty and discomfort more than darkness and death.
· Some are greedy. They define the grand as mundane and the infinite as bounded and reality in terms of their pre-conceived notions.
· And of course some of us are bound by ideas of nobility, grand gestures, generosity, duty. . .

asatO mA.

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Photo : TTD : vEnkaTEs’a


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Motivation: A removal of inhibition.

When we wish to motivate others to do what they want to do anyway, we need to remove their inhibitions.

We are generally inhibited by fear of failure, or fear of ridicule. Will we be liked or laughed at? Here the answer is that not everyone likes us, and it doesn’t matter.

In some cases we may fear for our own safety. Here the answer is reassurance of safety. You are going to keep your life, limbs, property and dignity.

When a person is in conflict, a word from the right external source, will tilt the decision.

Marketers try to make us do what they want. Inspiring people make us do what we want. Like vivEkAnanda. Cowards increase our fear. The valiant make us brave.


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Two Me-s : Eco friendly when well. Techno friendly when unwell.

Health and Energy go hand in hand.

And most eco-friendly solutions are energy demanding in our modernising society. To walk 2.5 km to buy organic milk and carry it for 45 min, then freeze and unfreeze and boil and refrigerate····

So much easier to buy and use easily available, pasteurised, homogenised, standardised, toned milk.

Also, plastic spectacles and contact lenses are so much more comfortable than glass spectacles which are heavier and breakable.

To say nothing of my fave electronics.

When your head feels like exploding, then good old paracetemol and ibuprofen.

I used to think that with these eyes I might not have lasted a day in nature. But my ancestors did. And I inherited these myopic eyes from them. . .

And then people with disabilities are very grateful for technological solutions.

I’m not anti-plastic. I’m anti-littering. I’m anti-excesses.

But I guess we all define moderation differently.


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Two Me-s

There is the me when I am well and wealthy. There is the me when I am unwell and unemployed.

When I am well and wealthy, I can deal with kundA miss, my father and my students. These are people who want work from me. Kunda miss needs her guruji’s work to be done. She needs a lot of time and very patient hearing and understanding. Though she does not ask for physical service,  helping her requires long hours without food, dealing with dust, searching for stuff and interacting with many people. Even for lessons, I have walk for half an hour and take a bus. Or drive which is a physical and financial strain. My father needs a lot of technical help with computers, wiring, just maintaining all his low budget solutions is physically draining. It cost a lot to keep Gandhiji poor and it costs a lot to keep my father simple. Students always want me to speak longer than the duration agreed. And unlike kundA miss who is happy to keep me waiting, I have to be on time for my students. And I have to teach them what they ask for, not what they need. And service providers want tips, retailers want more money per commodity and people want to shame me into giving charity. And we all know how beggars/waiters/auto-drivers behave when you can’t give what they ask. They make you feel very very bad about yourself. And people with lakhs of ruppees monthly income, make you feel like a cheapskate if spending hurts you.

So, when I am unwell and unemployed, I need to steer clear of the entire category of people who make physical and financial demands on me, however deserving and noble they are.

When I am unwell and unemployed, it’s my mom and son who do everything to nurture and nourish me back to health. It’s two of my ex-students, Dolly and Janardan who try to pour life back into me. It is in natural surroundings that I thrive.

This ‘nurture set’ actually help me transition from ill-health to health and enable me to look for jobs etc. The ‘demand set’ deplete me physically and emotionally and make me ill and sad. Their noble causes confine me indoors, and make me work without break. The ‘demand set’ are not self-limiting. And I seem to be deficient in the vitamin K of generosity. I can’t seem to stop doing and giving till I’m dead. It’s the doing equivalent of bleeding without clotting.

The hooks are dharma and karma. And the demands of samAja are bottom-less. My gratitude switch never seems to turn off. So irrespective of what favour is done to me, I feel eternally grateful.

And therefore I need to practice aparigraha. Not accepting things from anybody. I also start need to looking at what’s  fair exchange for what is received and do no more. Of course people never agree on what is a fair exchange. They always feel they have given more and are getting less.

But if I don’t conserve my outflow with the demand set, then I will bankrupt my nurture set. They will be too exhausted to nurture me back again and again and again.

Maybe it’s something we should all keep in mind.


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Picture : Siva


seen on facebook.

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