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Re-Starting Online Classes.

It occurs to me that I would like to re-start my online/on-phone/on e-mail classes, on subjects relating to the sort of things I write about here on Ancient Indians.

These are paid classes. (No free ones I am afraid – Lots of people offer free classes online and in person so you can join those if you are a little short of cash!).

Bandwidth supports only 1-4 students per batch, maybe not even that many, so you may be the only student in class.

I would like to start with these three, for the simple reason that the ‘lecture notes’/text-book is already available here :

You are also more than welcome to download these for free and do a self-study if you like.

The emphasis is on meaning and chanting/reading will be taught only on request.

Bunking classes and showing up late is neither tolerated nor allowed.

Commitment is required.

That said, we can negotiate the times.

Leave a comment or send me an e-mail if you are interested.

I tend to advaita and draw from s’ankarAcArya.


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Ancient Indians University (eGurukula): Update : Congrats Radhika!

Congratulations to Radhika Kiranmayi, for completing 5 chapters of Bhagavad Gita Yesterday at AIU.

It has been a rather joyous journey for both of us understanding Krishna’s words and ideas.

We have done Chapters 12, 15, 2, 3 and 4. It is her quick grasp, regularity, punctuality,  trust and accommodating nature that has helped us cover so much ground in so much depth in just a few months.

Congratulations to Guillermo, for learning how to read and chant the Gita slokas on his own.

The notes are fine (he IS a musician after all), and the pronunciation is so much more according to Panini now than when we started.

Welcome to Lasya for her Upanishad Classes.

She demonstrates so much s’raddhaa, inspite of the myriad and incessant demands on a gruhini, it is a joy to teach her and have her at AIU.

Welcome to Vaishnavi.

She has an uncanny ability and predisposition to Vedas, Upanishads and of course her favorite Bhagavad Gita, for one so young.. it makes me wonder who she was in her previous birth. She attends whichever class her schedule permits and it is fun to teach her.

Farewell to Srinivas NLR.

His busy schedule as well his concerns about Vedas not being meant for women have led to his dropping the courses at AIU.

Hope to see you back soon!  to the vacationing students, Dileep, Lavanya, Lakshmi and Chaitanya.

Seeking Krishna’s blessings for potential students, Phaneendra, Krishna, Nalini and Priya and Rahmanuddin. May our classes go well. May we attain enlightenment together.


Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

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Jan : Schedule of Classes : Ancient India Studies at Ancient Indians University : eGurukula

This is the present schedule for next week. You can join existing classes or request a time convenient to you. (For registration details seeRegister for studies at Ancient Indians University)

  • Tue, Wed : Dileep, Pranav : 8.30 to 9.30 pm: Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 2) : skype
  • Thu : Radhika, Lakshmi : 8.30 to 9.30 pm : Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 4) : skype
  • Fri : Aditi : 11.30 am to 12.30 pm : Ancient Indian Studies : Kartavya as per Ancient Indian Texts : gtalk
  • Sat : Chaitanya : 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm : Hindu Predictive Astrology : Home

The Gita classes cover sloka chanting as per Vedanga Siksha, Meanings as well as Sankara Bhashya

The Kartavya classes discuss dharma, karma and kartvaya as per Gita and other texts.. as well debates on ethics in Mahabharata and Ancient Indian History

Authorship and Copyright Notice : Satya Sarada Kandula : All Rights Reserved

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Bhagavad Gita Class Plan for Week Starting : 20th Sept 2010 : Ancient Indians University : eGurukula (via Ancient Indians University – eGurukula)

Monday, 6.30 AM IST (This will be Sunday 9 PM EST) : There is a makeup/special class : for anyone who requests it Tuesday 6.30 AM IST (This will be Monday 9 PM EST) : Vishnu Sahasranama Chanting Class : We will be starting with the names proper. Wed 6.30 AM IST (This will be Tuesday 9 PM EST) : Bhagavad Gita Chanting Class. Chapter 3 Karma Yoga : next set of slokas Thu 6.30 AM IST (This will be Wednesday 9 PM EST) : Bhagavad Gita Meanings Class : … Read More

via Ancient Indians University – eGurukula

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Valmiki Ramayanam at eGurukula – Ancient Indians University (via Ancient Indians University – eGurukula)

Valmiki Ramayanam at eGurukula - Ancient Indians University For a long time, I have been contemplating offering to teach my all time favorite Valmiki Ramayanam online on eGurukula. As with the Bhagavad Gita Course – I would like to teach chanting, meanings and have a discussion on the s’lokas, with some attention to the sanskrit as well. It is a delightful work and every hour spent on the Ramayana is an hour of life well spent. If you would like to sign up, please leave a comment and we can work out the t … Read More

via Ancient Indians University – eGurukula

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eGurukula Course : Tat Tvam Asi – Adi Sankara’s Vakya Vritti

I thought that the first course on Ancient Indians eGurukula should be Tat Tvam Asi.

Interested students can register by leaving a comment, with their correct e-mail address filled in. A time convenient to all students and myself will be arrived at.

No of Classes : 1

Duration : 90 minutes

Venue : Skype

Date :  To be determined

Fees : yathA s’akti (as you can afford).

Exam : None

Pre-requiste : None

Credits : 1.5 towards A Certificate Course : Ancient Indian Philosophy

University Affiliation : None

(This means that the certificate given by me is not yet recognised by any University or Employer. It is only for your own sense of accomplishment.)

Course Material :

Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

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Ancient Indians — eGurukula

Actually the term eGurukula was coined by my friend Sai Padma when I was trying to explain how I wanted knowledge to be accessible to all and some who afford to pay, could do so, at their levels of affordability. She liked the idea a lot.

I like the term eGurukula. I was thinking I could also run short term courses, with definite time frames and syllabus and give people a certificate of successful completion.. at this time I don’t know the legalities yet, but I could find out,,,

In USA virtual university vu.org does something a bit like this. 2 of my courses were published there…

Here are some areas.

  1. Ancient Indian Philosophy
  2. Ancient Indian History
  3. Ancient Indian Astronomy
  4. Ancient Indian Astrology
  5. Ancient Indian Calendars
  6. Ancient Indian Instruments
  7. Ancient Indian Scientists and Philosophers
  8. Ancient Indian Languages – Sanskrit…

And so on…

Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

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