Location of Sumeru : (Completed) : Kavana Sarma, Satya Sarada

Where is the mystical Meru Mountain on which Vyasa meditated, around which the Sun and Moon do pradakshinams, Where the Devi lives. Is it in Africa near the equator, in Mesopotamia, in Kolar, South India, In the Narmada Valley in the forest of the Gonds or to the North of Himalayas near Mt Kailas? Is is it the earth’s axis or the ancient Indian Zero Longitude? Take a look – Satya Sarada Kandula, Kavana Sarma

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Visakhadatta – Mudrarakshasa

Visakhadatta is the author of the play (drama) MudraRakshasa. His father was Bhaskaradatta and his grandfather was Vateswara Datta. They were administrators. The hero of the play is without question Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya is his advisor. The ruler in the benedictory verse, under whom Visakhadatta became famous,  saved India from the barbaric tyranny of…